Failure. That’s September’s theme from EGP. I’m pretty excited with this theme, an idea came up while watching “In the Valley of Elah”. Not much more to write about at this moment however. I’ve been working on another project too. A strategy game called “COM”. The mechanics are closely related to Cohesion theory, something which […]

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EGP August Round-Up

The Best of the Net list from EGP is out! Up until now there are 29+ uploads with a few more to come probably. Among those you can find “About Sound”. I’ve had quite a few downloads so far and yeah, I’m happy ^^ Over the next few days I’ll be starting a new project, […]

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Going from playing games to (trying) making them.

Ideas, experiments and sometimes even a game!

P.S.: Although I don’t make games for a living, I’m  still a poor college student. So if you can, please donate.