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August’s theme from the Experimental Gameplay Project was “Bare Minimum“. I’ll write up  later about the game I made for this theme and how it was developed, right now I’m putting it up for download. Be kind, comment. I’ve only had player feedback from close friends and family, so I want to see how the game fares out there.

The game is about using sound to navigate and collect 12 sound fragments per level. At first, the player will only find sound fragments, but the difficulty will quickly increase, with non-sound fragments having all kinds of mean behaviors. Use headphones or a good stereo set for a better experience (playing with laptop speakers proved to be a very frustrating experience).

Copyright notes for the music, sound fx and fonts are found in the read me file.

Some screenshots:

Here is the download linkAbout Sound (via 4shared)

Alternate download – About Sound (via Dropbox)


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